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Five in 5: Dr. Mary Ingraham on Resounding Musical Cultures in Canada

Imagine Canada’s musical history: resonating across the provinces and territories, spanning traditions from traditional to popular, and channeled through the myriad of voices that make up our multicultural heritage... [Read More]

Daniel Gervais to Play at Fiddler's Roost on Oct. 29th, 2016

We're delighted to help spread the word that the newly minted, 2-time Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion Daniel Gervais is playing at the Fiddler's Roost this Saturday... [Read More]


folkwaysAlive! is a local hub for exploring and celebrating the world of sound. We honour the legacy of Folkways Records and its commitment to conserving "anything that is sound" through research, musical performance and community activities.

folkwaysAlive! is home to a collection of over 2,100 Folkways records donated to the university by company founder, Moses Asch. Our centre—located in the historic Arts building at the University of Alberta—provides a network for musicians, historians, researchers, academics and a diverse community of music lovers.

In addition to hosting on-site tours and curating multidisciplinary projects, folkwaysAlive! houses an online digital archive of Folkways recordings, provides research opportunities, and presents public performances that relate to and enhance the legacy of the Moses and Frances Asch Collection of Folkways Records. Learn more.